Introducing: The Red Sled

The red sled!

Introducing the Red Sled

This is the car I bought in NYC, a ’95 Honda Civic hatchback. Just enough of a beater that I won’t worry if someone hits me or keys my car, but nice enough to be a pleasure to drive. Title recovered, insurance purchased, DMV documents signed and delivered and sealed with money, a new axle and timing belt installed and it was finally okay for me to take it away. Drive it up to Rome yesterday in a massive storm and the car handled fine. The only problem is a busted stereo, which will need replacing. In its absence, I sang to myself or played music off my iPhone (not optimal, since not loud enough). Wait, the other problem: it’s an automatic, a 4-speed. After a lifetime of driving standard transmission 5-speeds, I am missing the control and the extra gear. Still, this will be the car that takes me across the country and back again.

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