Friday Jitterbug Progress Report – 2/24

Welcome te the first weekly Jitterbug Progress Report! I’m putting aside-type updates on the blog, and I’ll start doing updates for the kickstarter backers, but since this is the permanent archive of all things Jane, thought I’d do weekly summaries here. Here’s what’s up:

  • Opened the Jitterbug fundraising campaign on on Wednesday afternoon. So far it’s up to $1,995. (Plus $1,475 from the pre-kickstarter paypal contributions) Thank you to everyone who’s pitched in so far!
  • The refurbished espresso machine I’d hoped to buy from Espresso Southeast was no longer available. Looking at alternate machines, but the luddite in me is wondering if I could buy 10 Presso machines instead and do hand-pressed espresso to order. Insert hand-pressed/WordPress/espresso puns here. If I put a W sticker on it, it would be a WordPresso. (Seriously, though, that would be freakin’ cool, yeah?)
  • Called the Presso distributor and have a machine on its way to me to try with the Perc coffee.
  • Met with Philip from Perc to discuss the coffee/espresso setup in the space. Looks like we’ll need some minor construction, possibly some plumbing and electrical work. Unless, of course, I go with the Presso plan, in which case it might just be some construction.
  • Confirmed participation as a booth for the Tybee Island Wine Festival April 14. Probable menu of giveaways: Greek pasta salad, mini mint chip cookies, key lime cupcakes, cardamom peach coffee cake, honey peach iced green tea.
  • Planning on soft launch April 15 with limited hours, grand opening in May.
  • Bank account set up.
  • Looked into eco-friendly to-go packaging, composting, water-saving measures, etc.
  • Considered trying to get kosher-certified at the suggestion of Adam from my co-working space. Turns out it’s not just an inspection and more expensive cheese, it’s complete religious oversight of the place. Not for me, sorry.
  • Business license meetings today.

Coming Up:

  • Clean up logo for Wine Fest marketing.
  • Design stickers and tees.
  • Make construction, painting, furnishing plans.
  • Test kitchen.
  • Contact some local people about publicizing the kickstarter campaign.
  • Send in supplier account applications.
  • Revise budget.

4 thoughts on “Friday Jitterbug Progress Report – 2/24

  1. Watch out with the 10-machines thing. Having worked at coffee shops in a small no-Starbucks town (Del Mar, CA), the day we switched from a regular machine to an industrial was a god send. We never had more than 10 people in line, but it took for freakin’ ever to make drinks by comparison.

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