A Week of Vs.

I’m not talking about t-shirts, though sadly there are still people printing event shirts with lines of text that fall just under the bustline, resulting in creepy chest-staring to read the shirts that you wear (theoretically) to spread the message/brand printed upon them. Come on, event organizers and shirt designers: don’t punish the bearers of curvy chests, and keep the writing up higher.

No, I’m talking about vs., about this-against-that, about conflicts that inspire strong opinions/reactions that seem very black and white but are usually the muddiest of grays when examined closely. Since lists help me focus (until I lose focus and lose track of the list, anyway), I thought I’d make a list of the posts that I’ve been planning to write this week, about a few different vs. When there’s a publicly published schedule I tend to feel more obligated to get things done. I know, just this morning I said I needed to stop doing everything out of a sense of obligation and start optimizing for joy instead. Just go with it.

  • Leveling the Playing Field vs. Reverse Discrimination; or, “Equality of Provision” and “Equality of Outcome”
  • Expedience vs. Accuracy; or, We Need a New Study
  • Obligation vs. Joy; or, How the Hell Did I Forget to Be Happy?
  • Meaning vs. Intent; or, Why Sensitive Language Is Hard but Important
  • .Com vs. .Org; or, the Post that Will Cost Me Half of My Friends, I Just Don’t Know Which Half

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