Bye, O’Malley

I’m at WordCamp San Francisco right now. I just talked on the phone to my mother, who’s been taking care of my cats during this trip (CLS, team meetup, OSCON, WCSF), and I’m sad to say that O’Malley was found dead by his food bowl today.

Eating was his favorite thing (and he had the fat body to prove it), so I like to think that at least he went out doing the thing he loved best. But I don’t know. He wasn’t sick, and was only 3 years old, so it’s a surprise. Now I’m sad. To cheer myself up I looked up his shining moment of cuteness online:

3.0 kitteh

I don’t believe in cat heaven — or any heaven, come to that — so I just have to get used to the furry orange cat not being there. Which I will. And then I will have to try not to feel guilty when I stop being sad.

If anyone wants to eulogize O’Malley, probably the best way to do it would be to tweet/post the 3.0 kitteh lolcat. Or to eat a sandwich. A big one.

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