Uses of String

I used to have dozens of houseplants, but certain felines like to eat them, so it has come about that I can only have plants if they are hanging up. I don’t much like most plant hangers though, so I’ve just been plantless for longer than I’d like.

Today I took a page from Tiffany Aching and decided to see if I could rig something simple with a bit of cotton string.
Apparently certain felines like string as much as plants.

I just did two sets of winding knots, but I like the end result:

Plant: Maidenhair fern
Pot: Recycled bamboo

2 thoughts on “Uses of String

  1. Oh nice, I really like this idea. I’ve been trying to think of ways to have plants in the house that are baby and kitten friendly. Good for indoor air quality, and nice to look at :)

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