Passion Flower

passion flower

I live a block from Albina Press (Hawthorne location), a coffee shop that has a reputation for brewing Stumptown coffee better than Stumptown. When I walk there, I always pass this house with a great passion flower vine that covers their fence. Passion flower has been used effectively to treat anxiety, coming out as effective as some pharmaceuticals. I haven’t used it for that; I just think it’s pretty.

2 thoughts on “Passion Flower

  1. Do you know the origin of this name? Not related with passionate love but with Christianity! It is said to have hammers (5, green), nails (3, purple) and the spine crown of Christ.

    But not because of the name, not because of relaxing properties, I really like it. I use to prefer simple flowers –the same with code :) – but this flower is a magnificent example of beautiful, well balanced complexity!

    It also grows –not ubiquitous- in Spain. Thanks for the picture.

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