Writing 201 Day 3: Trust/Acrostic/Internal Rhyme

Writing 201 Day 3

Word prompt: Trust
Form: Acrostic
Device: Internal Rhyme

Trust or loss of trust as a topic: I’m not particularly interested in delving deep into my psyche and pouring out my heart on my blog in a poetry class assignment, so I chose a topic that has been going around lately that touches on trust (or lack thereof) between people of different genders.

Acrostics: Put a secret message into the poem by linking the first letters of each line. Not to be confused with acrostic PUZZLES like the ones my grandmother used to do when I was growing up. Meh, but okay. I chose a phrase/hashtag that ties in with my trust topic. Also, it’s pronounced uh-kross-tick, not like it says in the daily class assignment.

Internal rhyme: Here there, everywhere, this is free verse, not something with a specific meter, so I just threw stuff in.

This was another poem that I wasn’t really interested in spending much time on because it felt like too much of a contrivance, so it’s not exactly literary journal material, if you get my drift. Still, it’s done!

Now and then I briefly wonder when it was my faith in man was torn asunder —

Or why it was? Because at some point it became clear that there was fear behind the words

That hurt, and taking a man at face value (when his face showed two sides) stopped making sense

As a plan or default setting, because even good intentions sometimes had a cutting edge.

Loving assumptions of feminism stumped me every time when revealed to be false,

Leading and misleading along a pleading path of hopefulness until my trust was lost.

My skepticism, grown from years of tears and schemes and broken dreams of all men friends feeling just like me

Eventually took their toll and now my soul demands that I question all beliefs without relief, forever asking why.

Not that I think men are evil or unjust as a whole, it’s just that now the goal is to trust — but verify.

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