First of Several: This is Not News

There are a few posts that have been kicking in around in my head for a while now that I haven’t written up, partially because I haven’t wanted to deal with the inevitable excerpting and quoting on WPDaily (and before that, WP Candy, and before that WPTavern, and possibly WPTavern again?) and/or other sites when it’s something about *me* rather than something about WordPress. I get that when you decide to post something on a blog, you are stepping away from privacy. At the same time, there is a difference between posting something on your company/volunteer team blog and posting on your personal blog. For me, if I wanted to broadcast something to all members of the WordPress ecosystem (vs just the ones that follow my blog/Twitter profile), I’d post it on an official .org site. That is where I usually post, and it’s part of why I rarely post stuff here on my own blog.

That’s about to change. I’m going to start blogging more here on my personal site, and specifically over this coming week, I’m going to exorcise the ghost posts that have been haunting me by publishing them here.

Things posted here that are about my personal life are not actually WordPress news, even though I’m a member of the WordPress community. I don’t want to see them reblogged on WordPress news sites, followed by “What do you think about Jane/Jen’s [insert personal thing here]?” I get that once you put it on the web it’s up for grabs, but there’s a difference between knowing something could be reposted somewhere relevant and knowing it will be reposted somewhere a bit inappropriate.

The line between public and private is different than the line between professional and personal.  It’s something our community could be better about. I don’t want to feel like I have to do what Helen did, and plan to take down a very personal post after a short period of time to avoid inevitable outcomes. If I’m going to publish something on my blog, it can stay there. That said, here is the pre-emptive request: please don’t repost the stuff that I’m going to start publishing here that has nothing to do with WordPress on WordPress news sites. Litmus test: can you resist posting about this post? ;)