Woo, Menus! And a Recipe.

People ask me why I don’t post much to my site. Today, I’d like to post about the new Woo menus that are being integrated into core. But, wait! I already posted about it officially on the dev blog! And then I posted my official UI/UX review of the menus patch on the development updates P2. And I’ll be talking about it again today in the official #wordpress-dev IRC chat. So I don’t have much left to say about it that I haven’t already posted in official channels. I’d do book reviews or recipes or something here instead of WordPress stuff, but, well, I don’t.

Okay. Here’s a recipe (speaking of menus).

In a frying pan, swirl a little olive oil. Throw in some minced garlic and some bay scallops. Saut√©.¬† Cover with some dried basil and oregano and black pepper, continue stirring. Squirt some lemon juice over the whole thing. Add two handfuls of fresh spinach. It will wilt, but will stay bright green. When the spinach is half cooked down, add a handful of cherry tomatoes. Do not cut up the cherry tomatoes, just throw them in whole. Continue to stir. When all the spinach is wilted, it’s ready. Dump it all on a plate. Take a picture, because this simple, diet-friendly meal is super pretty. Then eat it. Yum. If only I had some scallops right now, I’d be making this for lunch myself.